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  A Beautiful Park & Vineyards

  Château Park

Everything isn't grapes and vineyards at Château Meyre.  The park includes a lawn, specimen trees and even a  pond for those times when guests would like to take a leisurely stroll or explore the estate.    It's a scene like this that can erase all one's cares and create wonderful memories of a visit to the Médoc.

View of vineyards
Guests who stay in Suite Ceridwen will have the benefit of this large balcony with views  of the countryside and the château's fine vineyards.  Three centuries is an amazing length of time for one estate to be producing exceptional wines, but it is true of Château Meyre.  Award winning vintages of Margaux and Cru Bourgeois Haut-Médoc wines are traditionally and carefully developed  by  oenologist , Eric Boissenot.  Wine lovers will love Château Meyre!
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