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Guest Rooms and Suites

  Chambre BleueChambre Bleue salle de bain
Classical elegance and spaciousness are the hallmarks of each of Château Talaud's en suite guest rooms  -- the thoughtful décor in every room creates warm and inviting retreats for the weary traveler.  Guests who stay in this lovely room, Chambre Bleue, will also be quite pleased with the beautiful, large marble bathroom.
  Suite One
Chambre Verte, the Green Room, is a very cozy yet spacious corner room with a soft, natural color palette that the owner says matches the harmony of the different views out the large windows.  It has a luxurious bathroom with the décor including some precious wood.  As with all the guest rooms at the château, it is air conditioned.
Suite TwoSuite Two
Perhaps you would like a suite at the château ~ each of the château's two suites offers a spacious guest room, salon and, of course, a fine en suite bathroom.  If that appeals to you, you might enjoy one of these elegant guest suites filled with sunlight and glowing in the warm colors of Provence.   See how beautiful Suite Jaune is!
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