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                                                   July / August 2006

                                     Welcoming Two New Members
                          July 4th Celebration for Americans in Paris


Summer has arrived and people are finalizing their
travel plans.  Perhaps, for those hoping to stay in a château,
our three new members will be appealing!

Château de Villette

Château de Villette

This classical château just outside of Paris is rented by the week and is ideally suited for a group celebration with family or friends as well as being the perfect venue for business conferences and meetings. 

For reasonable rates, travelers can stay in truly elegant guest rooms in this fine château and enjoy all the pleasures of a French château experience while participating in one of the many programs offered such as cooking class with sightseeing, wellness retreats, leadership executive seminars, garden tours, shopping trips and other organized events. 

If you are planning a wedding or other group event, do be sure to click here to contact  Château de Villette for availability and rental information.  (The château owners do not provide bed and breakfast accommodations.)

And, remember that Villette offers a 6 days/5 nights Da Vinci Code package which includes lodging in the chateau's deluxe bedrooms, trips into Paris to visit the various sites mentioned in the story, and more!

                           [Photo copyrighted and the property of Olivia Decker.  All rights reserved.]

Hôtel Tardif

Le Verger

For anyone looking forward to visiting Bayeux and its famous tapestry, the Hôtel Tardif (actually a fine classical mansion) is the perfect place to stay.  Only a short walk from its doors is the tapestry and the cathedral among other splendid sites, and guests will find 30 excellent restaurants from which to choose in the surrounding neighborhood.

Although it is in the heart of the small city of Bayeux, the atmosphere and tranquility are completely country!  Hôtel Tardif offers elegant rooms, sumptuous breakfasts, a grand park to wander or a quiet terrace to enjoy some restful moments.  Guests will appreciate their surroundings and how easily they can step off a city street and experience the countryside!

This Normandy find, not far from the landing beaches, the museum at Caen and the verdant Norman landscape, is a perfect vacation destination.

                           [Photo copyrighted and the property of M. et Mme Voidie.  All rights reserved.]

French Quiz 63

Who, where and when...? 

        (1) Pissarro                (a) born at 56, rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, Paris, June 1848
          (2) Van Gogh              (b) died at St Helena, May 1821
            (3) Réne Descartes      (c) born in St Thomas Virgin Islands, July 1830
              (4) King Louis XIII        (d) died at Auvers, July 1890
                (5) Napoleon               (e) died in Stockholm, Sweden, February 1650
                  (6) Gauguin                 (f) born in Paris, September 1585
                    (7) Cardinal Richelieu    (g) died in Blois, January 1589
                     (8) Catherine de Medici  (h) born in Fontainebleau, September 1601


You will find the correct answer at the end of this newsletter.

Villes et Villages de France

 . . . we hope to tempt you to visit these marvelous places
when you are roaming through the French countryside.

View of Biarritz © 2005-2006 au Château - Cold Spring Press.  All Rights Reserved

Biarritz is a captivating city on the Bay of Biscay, along
France's Basque coastline.  Once the playground of the rich and royal,
it was developed by Napoleon III at the behest of his wife, the Empress Eugénie,
so that they would have a place to summer and entertain their international
circle of friends and acquaintances.  Today, Biarritz still exudes wealth and elegance,
and is a city of exclusive shops, a casino, fine restaurants, lovely beaches and 
distinctive architecture which includes such fine buildings as the two
 pictured above:  Sainte Eugénie Church and the incredible Villa le Goëland
one of the fine chambres d'hôtes on our web site. 
We hope you find the time to visit Biarritz very soon!

[Photo copyrighted by Cold Spring Press 2005-2006.  All rights reserved.]

Update on au Château members . . .

As we welcome new members to our web site throughout the year, we also lose a few along the way for various reasons ranging from the sale of their property to the decision to no longer operate guest establishments.  This will update you on the properties that recently were deleted from our site:

Château de Séguenville, Domaine de Verbois, Manoir de Tregouët and Château de Vaudourière are no longer with us, but please rest assured that of the 65 other members of au Château, you are sure to find the perfect lodging in the perfect location!

Do contact us at any time for assistance in finding accommodations or to ask us to recommend a place to suit your particular requirements.  Remember, we have rental properties (make an entire château your own for a week or two, for a wedding celebration or for a family gathering!), bed and breakfast lodging with the personal touch, gîtes for those of you who are seeking self-catering accommodations on the grounds of a château, as well as places that offer horseback riding, tennis, swimming pools, fishing, pétanque, volley ball, billiards, and other activities on their estates.  Many of our members offer immersion French lessons, cooking classes, painting and other artistic pastimes, too!  There is something for everyone who chooses a destination from au Château!

Sponsoring this issue . . .

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Enjoy Burgundy at its most romantic ~ from a barge bed & breakfast!
Cruise the tranquil and beautiful Canal Latéral on the Alphonsia Maria, enjoy gourmet meals, wine tasting at nearby wineries, local cities & villages, bicycle riding, concerts, regional markets, games of Pétanque and other activities.
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French Quiz 64

 'Jacques of all trades' . . .

         (1)  Jacques Chirac             (a) chocolatier
            (2)  Jacques Pépin              (b) Head of State 
               (3)  Jacques Rogge            (c) singer, songwriter
                  (4)  Jean-Jacques Annaud  (d) chef 
                     (5)  Jacques Torres          (e) President, Int'l. Olympic Committee
                        (6)  Jacques de Larosiere  (f) economist, former IMF Director
                           (7) Jacques Dutronc        (g) film director


You will find the correct answer at the end of this newsletter.

Americans: Celebrate the Fourth of July in Paris!

Are you currently in Paris?

The American Church in Paris presents The Roaring 20s, an exciting evening of celebration to commemorate America's independence.  There will be a buffet dinner, live music, dance contest and prizes for the best 1920s costumes.  The event is open to the entire Paris community!

             When?        July 4, 2006
                                7:30 - 10:30 PM

             Where?      American Church Paris,
                                65 Quai d'Orsay, 75007

             Price?         Adults € 20,  Children € 10

Tickets can be purchased at the church reception desk in advance or following 11 AM services on Sundays.

         [Information provided by Bloom Where You Are Planted, a group of the American Church in Paris] 

 Easy Recipe:   Eggplant & Tomato Gratin

This quick and easy dish comes to us from Michel Montignac's Recipes & Menus.  We thank Monsieur Montignac for his very satisfying, healthy and well-balanced recipes, which help to lose or maintain weight.

You will need 8 slices of eggplant, cut across the width to about 1/2 inch (1 cm) thickness, olive oil, 8 slices of ripe tomato, 2 tablespoons (30 mL) pesto sauce, salt and pepper to taste, 1/3 pound (150 g) fresh mozzarella sliced, wheat bran.

Steam eggplant for 3 minutes, and drain on paper towels.

Preheat broiler.  In a lightly oiled ovenproof dish, arrange eggplant slices in a layer, top with tomato slices and season with pesto, salt and pepper.  Cover with cheese slices, dust generously with wheat bran, and broil for 4 minutes.

Serves 4.   Bon appétit!

 [Recipe from Michel Montignac Recipes and Menus, by Michel Montignac, 
  published 1999 by Michel-Ange Publishing, Canada ISBN 0-9684029-2-5] 

Order your copy of this book today. 
(Note:  Amazon pricing is in error...we believe it should read $9.50, certainly  not $95!)


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[The answers to 
Quiz 63 - 1c, 2d, 3e, 4h, 5b, 6a, 7f, 8g. 
Quiz 64 -  1b, 2d, 3e, 4g, 5a, 6f, 7c]

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