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Spring 2011

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The Beauty of Châteaux in the Snow

                                              Special Discounts at Select Châteaux

Meet Our Two New Members: 

                                       Château le Cheman & Château des Condé

Château for Sale in Limousin - Huge Price Reduction!

and more!


Châteaux in the Snow. . .

Each holiday season some of our members send us photos of their châteaux in the snow.  We received lovely pictures this year from châteaux in the Loire, Normandy and Lorraine, and we would like to share them with you.

Château la Barre's gardens under a blanket of snow

This tranquil scene is the elegant Château de la Barre in the Sarthe département of France's Pays de la Loire region.  Offering guests luxurious bed and breakfast accommodations in the château or the opportunity to stay longer in one of their self-catering apartment suites in Le Cottage.

Winter wonderland at Château de Canisy

The historic Château de Canisy in Normandy is a fine bed and breakfast near St-Lô, and it is offered for rental for large group events such as birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and gatherings of friends and families.  It's lovely all year 'round, not just in the winter!

Snow falls on Château de la Roque

Also in Normandy is the warm and welcoming Château de la Roque, where B&B accommodations in the château or in La Ferme (the farmhouse).  Convenient to the D-Day landing beaches and other historic sites, you will find this château an excellent base for days trips throughout the region.

All the views of Château des Monthairons

And here we have a collage of photos from Château des Monthairons in the lovely Lorraine region of eastern France.  This magnificent château offers spacious en suite guest rooms, a superb restaurant and a park that leads down to the River Meuse.  You will love staying here!

Condé in Winter

Our newest member sent us this photo of the beautiful Château des Condé in Burgundy, offered for the perfect wedding venue.  Luxurious rooms, exquisite meals, music, dancing and even fireworks will make the event spectacular.

    [Photos are property of the respective owners. 
    Château de Canisy photo credit Pierre Yves Lemeur, St-Lô, France.]

Special Discounts from our Members
  • Château de Détilly in the Loire Valley has but a few weeks open for 2011, so they are offering deep discounts to travelers who can take advantage of these dates:
    • June 25 to July 2  or September 3  to 9 - regular rate is €9000, now offered for € 6,250.
    • November 19 to 26 or November 26 to December 3 - regular rate is €7,100, but is now offered at €5680
    This is a reduction of 25%.  Don't miss this great opportunity!
  • Château de la Charmeraie  in the Rhône valley is a charming and welcoming Italianate château dedicated to authentic detail in its design and to the comfort and relaxation of its guests.  For all of 2011, the proprietors are offering 20% off all room rates.  Don't miss an opportunity to stay at this magnificent château!  We speak from personal experience ~ it is delightful! 
  • Château de Villette in Burgundy is having a Spring Special.  They are offering a four-night stay for the price of three!  This offer is valid until May 31, 2011, so contact us today for your reservation! 
  • Château de Challain is a fairytale castle in the heart of the Pays de la Loire of northwestern France.  Imagine yourself at this incredible château this April for a Murder Mystery Dinner.  Five couples enjoy one night plus dinner at the château for 200 per person.  There is also a four night offer for the price of three which might be what you are looking for.  Book today! 

  • To learn more or reserve for any of the above, please contact and mention the château & its offer.

Welcome to Château de Cheman
~  a wine estate in the Loire  ~

Located in Anjou between Angers and Saumur, this 15th century château is convenient to all the attractions of the Loire Valley.  It is surrounded by seventeen hectares of vineyards, with an additional four hectares on the slopes of the Aubance.  Guests of this historic château are warmly welcomed to enjoy comfortable and stylish guest rooms by owners who are eager to share their passion for wine. 

Hot air balloons over Château de Cheman
Hot air balloons over the delightful Château de Cheman

Especially appealing is the owners' desire to produce wines that are manually harvested, processed and bottled at the château.  Limited output and respect for nature has produced high quality wines that are candidates for AOC designation.  Guests will be able to visit the vineyards and sample the wines while enjoying the other pleasures of château life.

Chambre Vanille at Château de Cheman

Chambre Vanille is a beautifully appointed, peaceful guest room in soothing colors overlooking the vineyards of Château de Cheman.  Fine beds, a convenient desk, high ceilings and a modern en suite bathroom complete the picture.

Along with the vineyards, the estate offers quiet gardens for strolls and this sparkling swimming pool for guests' enjoyment in the warmer weather. Activities near the château also include hot air ballooning, visiting the grand châteaux of the Loire, the Abbey de Fontevraud, or borrowing bicycles for exploring the area.

Gardens and pool at Château de Cheman

Please visit Château de Cheman on our site today to see how it might ideally suit your plans for your next visit to the Loire.  Monsieur and Madame Liebreks are anxious to meet you!

[Photo Credits:  © 2010 Château de Cheman.  All rights reserved.]


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Paris' River Seine and Pont Alexandre

Take a stroll or two through historic Paris when you next visit.
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to places you may not have known existed, but we guarantee that
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 Château des Condé
for your spectacular wedding in Burgundy

Welcome to the Galerie at Château des Condé
Welcome to the historic Galerie at Château des Condé

Magnificent is the best word to describe the Château des Condé, the perfect venue for a superb French château wedding. The marriage ceremony can take place in the church, in the conservatory or in the rose garden.  The entire château belongs to the bride and groom and their guests who can dance until dawn, swim at midnight or stay up until brunch the next day!  Everything will be done to create the perfect beginning to married life.  Simply contact the owners and tell them your dreams!

Wedding couple in carriage Château des Condé

This château is the newest member of our web site, and it is dedicated to providing each wedding couple with a fairytale marriage ceremony and celebration.  Every detail is coordinated to fit the wishes and desires of the bride and groom.  As you can see, nothing is spared to achieve perfection! 

chambre in the dovecotechambre le Petit CondéPetit déjeuner in the Roseraie

The Dovecote guest room, Chambre Petit Condé, and breakfast in the Roseraie
Located in lovely Burgundy, Château des Condé was the home to princes and princesses, and has a long history of entertaining royalty.  Now this very same château is a magnificent place providing exquisite reception rooms and salons as well as spacious, beautifully-appointed guest accommodations to create lasting memories for the bride, groom and their entire list of guests.

Please visit Château des Condé on our site today, and see many more photos and a detailed description of what you can experience at this special château. 

[Photos courtesy of Château des Condé © 2011.   All rights reserved.]

French Quiz 106

Where are we? 

We are in the south at the place where Henri II 
built the rampart walls in the 16th century.
Name the town in this photo!

Quiz 106.  Photo © 1997-2011 Cold Spring Press.  All Rights Reserved.

 The first person whose email is received with the correct answer
will receive a package of twelve assorted exclusive Château Note Cards.

Send your answer by email to

See the answer to last month's Quiz at the end of this newsletter.
The answer to this month's quiz will appear in our Summer 2011 issue.

[Photo © 1997-2011 Cold Spring Press.  All Rights Reserved.]

Dramatic Price Reduction
for Aubusson Château

Aubusson Château for sale

How lovely this château is!  It was only recently completed refurbished to a very high standard and in keeping with its period design and authenticity.  Now it is for sale, the price drastically reduced. 

The back of the châteauA salon in the château

Located in the Creuse département of France's Limousin region, travelers and residents alike visit the factories and shops seeking fine porcelain in Limoges and exquisite tapestries in Aubusson.  The area offers outdoor activities including many gardens open to the public, as well as being perfect for walkers, horse riders, and cyclists. Set in the scenic foothills of the Massif Central,  the Creuse is hilly and wooded with lakes and rivers in abundance ~ and, it is an angler's paradise.  Lac de Vassivière is one of Europe's largest man-made water sports complexes offering 1100 hectares for swimming, snorkeling, wind-surfing, sailing, speed boating, water skiing and fishing. 

This château until recently was an elegant boutique hôtel, restored over a period of three years. It bears the name of the local family who kept the tapestry manufacture alive in Aubusson during the trying times of the Empire and Restoration periods. [Furnishings are not available.]

Lovely restaurant with exquisite fireplace

There is a fine kitchen, banquet hall and wine cellars in the basement, and the ground floor features the Grand Salon with a stunning period fireplace and high ceilings, the Conservatory for breakfast, the Petit Salon for quiet times and reading, a billiards room, and a restaurant for the enjoyment of gourmet cuisine in a classical setting. 

Spacious guest room

Ten large suites, all with en suite bathrooms, make this the perfect bed and breakfast with room for the owners' quarters, or it can be rented to groups on a weekly basis.  It has amazing potential in an area offering people the opportunity to experience authentic France.  There is also a private 12th century chapel, which is the setting of weddings held at the château, terraced gardens and the Château hall that comfortably seats forty.

For complete information on the very competitive price and further details, please contact us at and mention that you are interested in the Creuse Château.  Additional photos and information can be found on our Châteaux For Sale page.

[Photos courtesy of château owner.  © 2011 All Rights Reserved.]


  Villes et Villages de France

 . . . we hope to tempt you to visit these marvelous places
when you are roaming through the French countryside.

Percey-le-Grand. © 2009 - 2011 by Cold Spring Press. All Rights Reserved.

                                                                                The village of Percey-le-Grand 

Many times, as we drive through the French countryside, we stop to take a photo because the scene is too lovely to pass up.  This was the case in 2009 when we came upon the red-roofed village of Percey-le-Grand located in the Haute-Saône of Franche-Comté at the confluence of two other départements, the Haute-Marne in Champagne-Ardenne and Burgundy's Côte d'Or.  The scene is so typical of agricultural France: immaculately plowed fields, perfect rows of crops, and a village with its church steeple reaching toward the sky.  And, of course, trees everywhere!

There isn't much we can tell you about the commune of Percey-le-Grand.  It is quiet and pretty, and we are sure that its residents are quite pleased to live there surrounded by farmland and rolling hills.  It definitely enjoys an off-the-beaten path existence, and we are happy that we stumbled upon it.

If you are ever in this region, consider staying a few miles to the northwest at Château de Prauthoy.  The rooms are lovely and the cuisine exceptional.

[Photo: © 2009-2010 Cold Spring Press.  All Rights Reserved.]

Easy Recipe:  Filled Camembert

Danyel Couet's Paris Neighborhood CookbookWe love Danyel Couet's The Paris Neighborhood Cookbook, and discovered this delicious recipe in the section entitled Au Marché: Markets and Street Food.

You will need 1 ripe, chilled Camembert that is as soft at the edges as it is inside, 1 dried fig coarsely chopped, 2 dried apricots coarsely chopped, 1 tablespoon of raisins, 1 teaspoon of currants, and 1 teaspoon of chopped celery leaf.

Separate the Camembert in the middle like a hamburger bun.  Mix the rest of the ingredients together and place on the bottom half of the cheese.  Put the other half of the cheese on top and press together well.  Slice it down the middle and see how pretty it is!

You can wrap it in waxed paper or plastic wrap, pack it in a picnic basket and enjoy it with a dark country bread.  Or, serve it to guests in the cheese course with dinner.  It's delicious! Bon appétit!

Click here to order
The Paris Neighborhood Cookbook 
by Danyel Couet


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